Wooden hot tub or barrel sauna is a huge wooden tub. The tub water is heated by a top-heated furnace located in the water. Usage time is year-around, but it definitely reaches its peak in the winter when it's freezing outside, but the water in the tub is pleasantly warm.

For most people, use of the wooden hot tub has a healing effect for the body and soul. A nice hot tub with friends or family is a wonderful source of relaxation and puts everyone in a good mood.

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Paintball is an unforgettable and exciting sporty game. The general idea is that participants have to hit other players with paint balls in order to drop them from the game.
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Come and get some action in the woods, enjoy a sauna and wooden hot tub!

Archery - good company, estonian nature, animalsaving hunting, wellbeing, escape from everyday routine - sounds tempting? This is archery - interesting activity for everyone.